(…) under the sure and sensitive direction of Lara Diloy, they have performed a clean and punctual work, at times a real lacework (…) We witnessed an excellent performance marvellously served by Diloy’s baton.

Arturo Reverter
“Lazarillo” at the Teatro Corral de Comedias in Alcalá de Henares

Lara Diloy, the baton of new times

Lara is such an exception that last year she joined the exclusive group of women who have conducted a lyric performance at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, like María Rodrigo (1915), Montserrat Font (2008) or Yi-Chen Lin (2014). On 12 May 2022 he took musical command of Alcalá’s Don Gil, because the titular conductor, Lucas Macías, was unable to attend. Another coincidence? No, talent that thrives.

Concierto Desorden: “”Teamwork and tortilla de patatas”

Chapter 40! In Concierto Desorden we welcome conductor Lara Diloy, with whom we talk about working as a team, moving, delegating and accompanying. About coming from the horn, finding yourself in the choir and staying at the baton. About how to choose one, Harry Potter style! Of references, of being an example and of work as an answer. Of Lydia Tar, croquettes, omelettes and confidence! Of letting the music give you the answers… and not stop asking yourself constantly!

Lara Diloy, the value of teamwork

Orchestra conductor Lara Diloy has been on the podium for fifteen years in symphonic and lyrical projects of different natures. Her connection with music began with the French horn, but conducting gradually conquered her until she realised that it brought together two of her motivations: working as part of a team and communicating.

Lara Diloy: the passion of conducting

Radio and life cannot be understood without music. Carlos Santos presents “Entre dos luces”, a programme as lively as it is warm and an open catalogue, under permanent construction, with the best music of all times. Today with an exceptional guest: Lara Diloy.

Lara Diloy, naturalness at the head of an orchestra

On the occasion of her debut at the Teatro de la Zarzuela with Don Gil de Alcalá, Brioclásica magazine interviewed conductor Lara Diloy. A journey through her artistic career and her vision of orchestral conducting in the 21st century.