Lara Diloy: the passion of conducting

Radio and life cannot be understood without music. Carlos Santos presents “Entre dos luces”, a programme as lively as it is warm and an open catalogue, under permanent construction, with the best music of all times. Today with an exceptional guest: Lara Diloy.

Lara Diloy, naturalness at the head of an orchestra

On the occasion of her debut at the Teatro de la Zarzuela with Don Gil de Alcalá, Brioclásica magazine interviewed conductor Lara Diloy. A journey through her artistic career and her vision of orchestral conducting in the 21st century.

A woman who leads

A woman who works is a woman who dreams. Who sees her future in a personal way, not a symbiotic way. Who plans her own destiny, who tries to train herself, to better herself, to pursue her dreams.

I can’t live without music

His power is to see sound. Sometimes in the form of a horizon waving in the heat of the sun, as if drawing dunes in an invisible desert that melts into millions of particles swaying in a breeze that caresses the back of his neck.

Déjate TV: Cecilia Rodrigo & Lara Diloy

The 100th episode of the programme “All the stories of the world” had two exceptional guests: Cecilia Rodrigo, daughter of the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo, and the orchestra conductor Lara Diloy.