“Conducting an orchestra is communicating, it is the possibility of   making someone thrilled with music”

Lara Diloy is an Orchestra Conductor. Music has always been present in her life and when it came to choosing a professional career to dedicate her life to she realized she wanted to devote all her time to it. First she aimed at becoming a professional French horn performer. Later on curiosity led her to orchestra conducting studies as a means to complete her curriculum, that interest finally becoming her true passion.

And that passion has already taken her to conduct different orchestras at major national venues such as Teatro Real, Teatro de la Zarzuela, National Auditorium or  Monumental Theater in Madrid, among others. Now she is preparing her next challenge –conducting Oviedo Filarmonía next February.

Lara Diloy is an intelligent professional with clear ideas coming on strong with a self-confidence that does not restrain her amiability .

Last September she was chosen for YanMag’s First  Impulse Award for a Professional Career, thus we dedicate her this interview where she reveals to us her passion for her profession and for music.

When and why did you become aware you wanted to devote yourself to music?

Ever since I started studying music at my hometown’s school it became a very important part of my life. I took part in all  groups: youth band, big band, brass band, choir, orchestra … and I was very happy in them. I started higher studies quite early at 16 and combined them with a Bachelor’s in science with the idea of studying Architecture sometime in the future. But at 18 having the option of entering university I realised I wanted to dedicate myself professionally to music and that I needed all my time into it.

You are a professional French horn player but decided to study Conducting after finishing your degree studies; what led you to make this decision?

At first it was just a way to continue my education. I wanted to expand my musical knowledge and I thought it was the most appropriate speciailty for doing so, for  orchestra is a place I always felt very comfortable in and getting to know it from another perspective could help me being a better musician. That curiosity became my passion and a few years after finishing my orchestra conducting career I decided it was my path.

“The orchestra is a place I’ve always felt very comfortable”

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