I can’t live without music

In this interview for La Razón, Marilyn Dos Santos looks at the professional career of orchestra conductor Lara Diloy.

His power is to see sound. Sometimes in the form of a horizon waving in the heat of the sun, as if drawing dunes in an invisible desert that melts into millions of particles swayed by a breeze caressing the back of his neck. At other times, it is more like a summer storm, the kind that alerts, staining the sky with a murky colour and drenching the ground with the smell of fire.

This is how the report entitled “There is a lack of women in classical music” begins, and the fact is that, although…

(…) it is true that there are very few of us, in the conservatory and in the professional sphere; I wonder what could be the reason for this barrier and I think that we need more female references, and if this is the case, it will be a matter of time before society stops seeing us female conductors as extraordinary.

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