Freeda – Woman crush on: Lara Diloy, conductor.

Enjoy the road because the road is where we enrich ourselves and learn. Little by little the goal will come, but it is important that we enjoy the journey.

I am Lara Diloy and I am an orchestra conductor. I started playing music when I was 7 years old. My parents gave me a keyboard and with that keyboard I started to play songs by ear, they saw that I had qualities for music and they enrolled me in the music school in my city.

I wanted to be an architect, but music got me hooked and there was a moment when I knew I couldn’t detach myself from it.

Music is about communicating emotions. Conductors have to work not only with an instrument but with people.

At the age of 16 I entered the conservatory of music specialising in the horn and at the end of my instrumental studies I began to study conducting.

I think we have to make an extra effort to earn respect.

As it is a position of leadership, as in the rest of society, the incorporation into the job is taking longer, but little by little, there are more and more cases of female orchestra leaders. Although it is still not enough, we are on the right track.

Music is my life. That’s what happens to musicians, it’s part of us and we couldn’t live without it. It’s a refuge at times when I need to be alone or when I need to retreat.

We talk to each other a lot, we keep in touch and we support each other. There is always something good to admire in our colleagues.

It is true that in our profession we are told no many times. One of the hardest parts is constantly rebuilding yourself to be strong so that it doesn’t affect you.

The most satisfying thing? You dedicate yourself to something that makes you happy and that is priceless. It’s nice to see that there are children who would like to be conductors because they have seen you.