Lara Diloy makes her debut at the Teatro de la Zarzuela

Conductor Lara Diloy has become one of the very few women to conduct a musical lyric production in the history of the Teatro de la Zarzuela, taking charge of several performances of Don Gil de Alcalá.

The news has had great repercussion in the media and the young orchestra conductor has given interviews for programmes such as Las mañanas de Radio Nacional, with Pepa Fernández or for the specialist opera media BríoClásica.

“A fantastic energy was generated with the singers, the choir and the orchestra, and that energy came through to the audience.”

For its part, the specialised critics have not ceased to praise Lara Diloy’s musical direction:

The young Lara Diloy led the string orchestra that Penella assigned for this score, making the Valencian musician’s notes sound from the very orchestral prelude with all their charm and evanescence, as the different sections shone smoothly with a deep bass string. 

Germán García Tomás – Mundoclásico

Lara Diloy thus becomes one of the few women to have taken charge of a lyric performance at the Theatre, after Yi-Chen Lin with Carmen, almost a decade ago, or, for example, the composer María Rodrigo, who herself took charge of the orchestra at the premiere of her opera Becqueriana, in 1915. In 2008 it was Montserrat Font who conducted some nights of La leyenda del beso. (Platea Magazine)