Interview | Conductor Lara Diloy debuts in Bilbao

On the occasion of her debut at the head of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, orchestra conductor Lara Diloy has given several interviews: Melómano Magazine, El Correo and Deia.

“It is a challenge that I face with responsibility and enthusiasm,” he comments to the people in charge of the Melómano Magazine. “The responsibility of occupying the podium of an orchestra with almost 100 years of history that have been forged by masters such as Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos or Juanjo Mena, and the illusion of working with great musicians performing a wonderful repertoire”.

  Read the interview with the conductor Lara Diloy in Melómano.

For this occasion he has chosen a very popular repertoire, what do you expect from the concert? – the journalist Andrea Valle asked for the newspaper Deia -. “We want the audience to come away with a good taste in their mouths and a desire to return. And for that, Mozart and Beethoven are very grateful “, answered the orchestra director born in Tolosa.

Regarding the situation that classical music goes through, the young orchestra director points out that “we must bring classical music closer to the public by experimenting with new ways of offering it”.

Read the interview with the conductor Lara Diloy in Deia.

Lara Diloy | Directora de Orquesta

In a downtown café in Bilbao he met with journalist Isabel Urrutia. They talked about the professional career of the young Spanish orchestra director, her vision of music and leadership in orchestras. A conversation that was reflected in the article that was published on Friday, August 9 at El Correo.

“Lara Diloy goes straight to the point, with energy and optimism. It radiates naturalness and good humor. “, Portrays the orchestra director.

In their conversation they emphasize the need for an orchestra conductor to have a lot of left hand when dealing with musicians. “This job has a lot of psychology; You have to empathize quickly and get the best out of people. I like that. Collaborate and be available to others, “says Lara Diloy.